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Improve Your Collection with Article Assembly

Innovation is always top of mind in the DL Consulting offices.  Here is something we have been thinking about and we would like to know if anyone else has considered this.  We suspect that crowdsourcing the process of article assembly could be a realistic pathway to creating state-of-the-art data out of old, historical newspaper collections. So, what is article assembly, [...]

Building a Digital Newspaper Archive: Collecting Born Digital Content

Digital media has only been around for the past 40 or so years which may seem like a long time to some, but relatively speaking, it’s just a blip in the history of the written word.  Since the first scene was painted on a cave wall people have been either deliberately or unintentionally recording history.  Looking back through the past, [...]

Digitizing Images Using Document Transcription

At DL Consulting we created Veridian software to deliver historic newspaper collections online.  Did you know Veridian can also display collections of images?  We have developed a simple solution for uploading images to Veridian without going through the OCR process.  This process presents an easy and cost effective way to create an online collection of your valuable images. If a [...]

Building a Digital Newspaper Archive: Distributing and Marketing Your Collection

As more and more libraries digitize their newspaper collections a world of historical content suddenly becomes available to anyone with an Internet connection.  The trouble is Internet search engines produce pages of results from disparate entities that are cumbersome and time consuming to sort through.  That’s why DL Consulting created  What search engines like Google and Bing can do [...]

Building a Digital Newspaper Archive: Creating in or Converting Your Library to METS/ALTO

Preserving the information of the past and making it accessible to the public are two of the many benefits of digitizing historic newspaper collections. The Library of Congress, Chronicling America, California Digital Newspaper Collection, Papers Past, the National Library of Australia, the Trove project and a growing number of institutions both large and small have essentially opened the virtual door [...]